Zeno’s Inversion


On the occasion when a guest entered the #buddhism channel and wielded the brahman blade, the foremost in generosity questions the tuning of speech.


manji – sometimes I think your speech is not well tuned to the listener/reader, and so it does not convey the benefit that is meant…

it wasn’t for [redacted] today.
this is beyond the three times.
the fruit is produced for conditions yet to come, not for the conditions today.
only for shravakas is the fruit ripening today.
only if there is an intimate knowledge of the lives of those receiving the fruit can it be judged “this is well tuned” or “this is not well tuned”

ahh… yes, I can see that …. I often talk of it as “planting seeds”. But, I think some people are put off by the high-test dharma and they need just low octane dharma. At least, that is the way I see it. I am not wise, so I could easily be wrong.

wrongness is not self, rightness is not self
this is most valuable for ratbytes
mahamudra practice, all on path
not one complaint

the dark times comes when thinking “oh the audience is not yet ready”, so the bridge is made twice as long, yet on that twice long bridge, it is thought “the audience is not yet ready”, so the bridge is made twice as long, now four times from start…. and on and on… 

the opposite of Zeno’s paradox !   🙂

middle way
beyond adjustment preferences
thus self-view, on the precipice
under the proverbial blade
look rat! a strawberry!

delicious    🙂
and apt…  I am going to be making a strawberry rhubarb pie in an hour or so
I will endevour to be mindful as I make the pie.    I will probably be a pig when I eat it.  🙂

gotama buddha was a golden peacock once

and you were his mother  🙂