Talk on the Renunciation of a Universal Monarch

Step one, see suffering. See suffering in three temporal frames, in one go. Step two, see the cause-result chains from seeing the three temporal frames of suffering in one go. Now, cause-result chains are superpositional, subject to [redacted] lensing. It’s not going to follow standard classical physics, because it’s beyond ‘following’ frames of reference. It’s superpositional, and that is squared and inverted, yet the inversion slams against the wall of angles. Blamo!

So the trigonometric function is “extended”; the lotus blossom, cessation. Superpositional trigonometry. A superpositional protest of samsara itself. “The buck stops here”.

No brahma, I don’t want to play this game of life and death anymore. No yama, kamma is limitless, I don’t want to play this game of justice anymore. Somewhere in the, “what the fuck do we do now…,” results in universal uncertainty, and in rushes the, “if we don’t do something, it’s going to blow up,” not realizing that it’s already exactly blowing up. Here is where the deva enlisted by the asura goes, “wait for it, we can finally get the secret to gravity,” and the medicine buddha lets them down, for this is the most bitter medicine of all.

Mara walks away unsatisfied, and the animals are safe, and the hungry ghosts are safe, eating their precious nectars. The demons are relieved of their yokes. All this for the benefit of limitless beings. No, I do not wish to play universal monarch… anymore.

For those “with a little dust… in the eyes…”