The Noble Coefficients

It is very interesting, it is very profound, other view not seen for what it is implies self view. Self view, that root in its genesis soaks up nutrient, and leaves a shadow in the sediment. Upon seeing the shadow in the sediment, I turned to see the rain fall, and draw down nutrient.

And the mind turned toward the question, as it has done limitless times, “and how does the shadow collapse intention, leading to thought, leading to word, leading to deed…”

And right then and there the thought followed, “just as the clouds rise in the formation of its source, scattered by wind, so too does the rain fall. Just as the roots obscure the rain and nutrients soaking down, so too does thought, word, and deed emanate.”

And then the mind turned toward the exchange of air between carbon dioxide breathers, and oxygen breathers and the densities between. The mind turned toward the brushless dc motor in the fan above. Seeing these the thought occurred, “just as the winds move about, set about by initial impulse, so does it aggregate and dissipate by impulse.”

And then the the mind turned toward self view, it turned toward other view, seeing the initial impulse of “i am”, seeing the initial impulse of “I was”, seeing the initial impulse of, “I will be”… seeing the shadow impulse of “because”, seeing the shadow impulse of “in the past”, seeing the shadow impulse of “in the future”, seeing the shadow impulse of “now”.

Then the mind turned toward the shapes and forms beyond visual impression, visual sensation, visual contact, and saw these just as it saw the tree.

And from there the mind saw the shapes and formed of the tongue in forming words, and right there and then it saw the tree, moving, and here the genesis of thought, word, and of deed. Just as limitless Buddhas see the evolution of these very things, so to has this mind.

Then the mind turned toward the proselytization of “I am” considering it, groking it, and compassion grew, for just as the water evaporates spread about, gaussian, blurred by currents and movements, heat and jet, so too does the rain fall. The entire assembly, I assembled, the upside down turned right side up.

And seeing this assembly, the investigation halted, and upon halting jhana arose, and upon this arising, cessation was taken as object, seeing cessation, the remainderless, beyond even a single grain of dust, stainless, beyond it, beyond, far beyond, greatly far beyond, nibbana…

And what is the vipaka that beseeches a Buddha, rightly awakened, chief amongst beings to exit absorption?

The fruits of dedication, the root of devotion.

“Please, remain.”

The density of self view, the density of other view, the density of essence view, the density of eternal view, the density of we view, the density of they view, the density of oneness view, the density of noneness view… the density of these across time, across space, propagating like water evaporating, just as the ascetics see from mountain tops these phenomena, so to does the mind accompanying awakening.

Then the mind turned toward the lotus, toward the mud, and seeing rightly, directly, beyond doubt, the lotus does not overheat, the mud.

Just as there is absorption of a heap of aggregates taken for self, taken for other, so to is there absorption for a heap of heaps of aggregates taken for we, taken for them. And just as there is the vipaka rightly arrived to remain for the heaps, illuminating, perfected in oxidative burn, like an arc lamp, so too is there a vipaka mark for the heaps of heaps to remain.

The wish to remain is as friends, for friendship is the whole of the holy life, the mud is exactly, the lotus. Just these enlightenment factors, these four limitless abodes, these are the spiritual friends, not self, not other, not we, not they. Knowing this the mud is exactly the lotus, devoid of rituals consuming, direct, beyond doubt, beyond realm heating anger, beyond realm trampling greed.

Just as release is won by the courageous friends, these factors of liberation in bringing cessation to the reinforcements of the conceit, “I am”, so too is release won by the courageous assembly, these coefficients of factors of liberation in bringing cessation to the reinforcements of the conceit, “We are”. Having removed the veil, the realms are crossed, and the factors illuminate, as a shuttle through the warp shed, unobstructed, to the other shore.