On Evacuations, Life, and Death


How exactly is an evacuation started late? The whole point of an evacuation is that it is already late when it starts. Is there a kind of lean six sigma evacuation? Everyone is exiting the area due to a new (or recurrent) situation that suddenly made everyone late in being somewhere else (war, invasion, storms). A bit of compassion is love and compassion is potentially and most certainly helpful.


Evacuations are not an orderly, long, single file, take a ticket, sit in a chair, while Department of Motor Vehicles and Licensing processes driver and vehicle registrations and licenses. Evacuations are an attempt at minimizing messy affairs, if it was on time and organized, few would have been living on the coast under seasonal duress of cyclones, storms, and hurricanes—ocean lovers were late. Few would have been living in a country with a refactored economist systems in stead of mandate systems in stead of colonial systems imposing a religions of divinism, enlightenmentism, nationalism, politician, and economism in a land that just wanted happiness and meaning—indigenous people were late. Few would have allowed the situation with the climate change to get this disastrous. Yet that’s not what is occurring. Mistakes keep repeating with different variations of meaning generation processes.

Beings are continually late, late to live in better places, late to the party, late to take care of their neighbors, late to the idea that imperial colonialism is not exactly helpful for reducing extremism, and late to the idea that evacuations are continually late. By the time an organism finds satiation, it’s late. Time keeps on ticking, the fire is burning, and the fuel is depleting.


It’s like there’s some underlying obsessive compulsive behavior accompanying neuroticism in society. Late to raise the minimum wage, late to tackle inequality, late to tackle slavery, late to tackle suffrage, late to tackle debt bondage; late to actually help people. Perhaps due to a curiously serial contradictory compulsion fully paralyzing earlier changes that could have prevented evacuations and the next best thing, revolutions due to a simple very we-ish perspective: “they should have started earlier.” The very thought halts evacuations and sucks the momentum out of empathy and the shining star of human behavior.

“They should have started earlier,” has a close cousin, and it is, “they should have done something earlier,” and both seem to have been raised by an all time favorite empathy lacking grouchy grandparent who most likely was subject to the same behavior as a child, “if you/they don’t stop crying, I’ll give you/them something to cry about.” Usually followed by, “here are some loans and dig yourself/yourselves out,” and thank you for the interest.


People just want a share of voice and the internet, mass media, and consolidation in business has diminished the voice of the many for the profited efficiency of the few; this isn’t new. Everyone’s crowded on this shrinking fleet of global corporate jets more interested in building rockets than fixing people’s pockets which could engender said rockets.

The entirety of humanity is trying to evacuate imperialism, colonialism, terrorism, and quite frankly limitless -isms, en-route and quantum tunneling to some other place, over a bearing straight (two puns intended) to some land that may or may not be better under the continual duress of climate emergency (climate is all inclusive of a being’s experience). The grass may or may not be greener on the other side, and please stop with the “let them eat cake” attitudes. Just prefix or suffix “for the slaves” on any motivational quote to see how absurd, crass, or true it is. Many quips and quotes fail the “for the slaves” test.


This continually late mass exodus from the past to the future? It sure as hell seems like a struggle for survival to see the smiling faces of those cared for: each other. No, I’m not you. This isn’t a kumbaya, we’re not singing the praises of you are me and I am you, that is not fit for a rescue. I’m not even this flesh, yet somehow this flesh is animated miraculous; there is care for each and every living being in this universe evacuating some distant explosion physical, psychological, emotional, social, economic… or series of them, to the next world, called home… one long continuous evacuation; look, entropy! And it’s called life.

So please, if it’s a little cramped and there are only three crew members operating the entire plane—no sir, madame, or paper entity, you do not get to draft up borders, flags, and floor seating deeds, owning 90% of the square footage of the plane by anointment, inquest, conquest, or purchase only to rent the space to your neighbors for largesse (said in the voice of a health care worker re-establishing boundaries in a dysfunctional home). It’s not surprising to see disorder and urgency. This whole affair… is late.


Besides, imagine what a warrior culture thinks when 90% of the time a war was anticipated, complete with neurotic visions of idealized state. Glory in battle, upon which one could trounce on the infidels… bloody victims, all while waving the flags of “we” for the glory of that which “we” esteem and follow. Suddenly the fight is not, the glory not, the trouncing not, the waving dull, and one is left in an empty mansion, leaning over a large bureau, boring. Sitting at the desk of the the government so detested, so insulting, so not there anymore, that it sort of sets the new tone. Reaching down into the desk, pulling out the letter to the next president, “congratulations, and you’re welcome, I hope that you care for them in ways that I could not.” A land won without collective fighting might just be what the Taliban and humanity needed to realize and reflect, in the precious space an evacuation, the largest movement of people in the history of humanity afforded: “stop fighting.”


This was a work of great vivid joy, and I have and hold great appreciation and hope for this small rock called earth and its great beings. Note that I did not say people, humanity seems a bit species-centric (we, we, we!), and I think that’s been quite a problem. Homeostasis and evolution are interesting phenomenon, sort of like the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, if it gets extreme, it’s a disorder and downright ecologically abnormal.

So dear humanity, humanity is the abnormal behavior on this planet; please seek some therapy, just stop and slow down, way down, and yes, nature might just force it, as it has done and will do countless times—in this evacuation beyond death, to life. In the words of Edward Murrow, “good night, and good luck.”