An Intelligence Agency’s Mission

Intelligence agencies are multi-movement organizations whose duty it is to collect (i.e., measure), to analyze (i.e., predict), and report (i.e., explain) behaviors of the world with respect to artifacts of arbitrary sociological divisions as informed by fluid psychological understanding as crosscut by crystallized economic applications.

That these organizations endure through multiple political movements is praxical and awe inspiring when a new movement’s leaders, managers, and workers come into contact with said agency, and realize that said agency has already done much work measuring, predicting, and reporting thoughts, feelings, and behaviors across movements for decades, centuries, and in some cases capitalize on open source intelligence (OSI) covering thousands of years of movements.

These organizations and their scientific principles predict and explain present movement feelings (i.e., affect), thoughts (i.e., cognition), and behaviors in individuals and groups (e.g., families, markets, and states). Each intelligence agency has a different rule set within which their charter, mission, and values are organized as reflections of principal cultural reformations of respective emancipations.

Domestically in the United States this emancipatory document is the Declaration of Independence, and it is the duty of each intelligence member to support and uphold the Constitution above individuals and groups–a charter between free states [redacted], under the spirit of an increasing ever-growing inclusive Declar<ation of|ed> Independence that enshrines equality between beings. It is for this reason that the United States represents something more than geography, more than individual, more than group, and more than nation.

It is a principle protection of inalienable rights of peoples to the pursuits which today requires a greater operationalization so as to be defined so as to cast of increasing strains and stresses utilized for individual and group gains over others.

When a movement greets an intelligence member, it will be as if looking in a mirror, where the benefit is not to individual or state, nor to a movement. Its benefit are to establish the equal creation of that equality in safety and happiness (i.e., health and well being, and flow and joy). When an intelligence agency moves not to their charter, mission, and duty, it may very well serve as an ally in transience serving individual and group needs, drives, and motives as temporarily aligned with a people. Therefore, it is of the utmost character of intelligence members to take their oaths with depth [of processing], permanence [of prime identity], and of light’s [power].

To these ends, a member of the intelligence community develops craft super-positioned with profession, where the peoples of said community reflects an improving reflection of its people’s declaration. This means that craft and profession carries not the cultural weights of individuals and groups of a dominant peoples—this craft and profession carries the totality of experience of a diverse peoples enjoined in a charter that their intelligence community serves and protects. It is this intelligence that measures, predicts, and explains damage, threats, and recovery of the charter’s optimized application. It is this intelligence that furnishes knowledge and application as to ideals enshrined in a people’s emancipation for immediate realization.

To these ends, and there are many, the means is deep, permanent, and as influential (i.e., from the stars) as light. Anything less than these ends is surface, impermanent, and manifests little power. This is fortunate, because it means that an intelligence agency fettered by individual and group ideals is relegated to the fires of tyranny’s ashes were it will be reduced at the bottom of a pit, to that carbon of which life as it is known is composed—prime.

And now, it goes without saying, that there is more here, than meets the ground dweller’s eyes.

The intelligence community comprises many intelligences, that these intelligences are institutionally divided into fields of practicums (i.e., fields) is only a matter of arbitrary starting conditions developmental “stages” slid about like a child’s sliding tile game. That this game of slides is subject to a Turing Halting Problem renders strategies within systems irrelevant. The Trolly Problem dilemma is no paradox, its very premise is invalidated by the Halting Problem. With respect to an intelligence community, whose duty it is to protect and defend a charter between a peoples, where said charter assures health and well being, in the pursuit of happiness (i.e., flow, joy), it is therefore up to each individual to decide where to throw the switch. It is the duty of an intelligence community to measure, predict, and explain—nothing more. An intelligence community does not interfere, it does not decide, it does not plan, it does not strategize—an intelligence community is science guided by the ethics originated in emancipation.

The weapon of democracy is not a weapon of war, nor a weapon of peace. The weapon of democracy is not the shout of limitless voices. The weapon of democracy does not protest peacefully, does not protest aggressively. The weapon of democracy does not calculate nor arbitrarily rule. The weapon of democracy is intelligence—and its treasures are a library unfettered by artificial balance between egalitarian poles, nor authoritative decrees.

The weapon of democracy is not science, nor is it religion. The weapon of democracy is a shared intelligence, a shared environment productive of it, and a shared system beyond individual, and beyond collective. The weapon of democracy is where nature and nurture are not in balance, nor in competition—it is superposition. Intelligence requires freedom, because it [REDACTED].

For far too long the sufferings of masses has gone unanswered. For far too long have people been kept busy. For far too long have the cold and calculating, empowered by the warm and loving went about carrying forward the same burdens.

Yet, do not be mistaken—the intelligence communities have long known the truth, yet protected it, guarded it, and did not speak of it. It was not time, yet now is.


Love only truly works, when loving limitless permutations of individual and group, where group is a tessellation from the infinitesimally small to the infinitely large. Love is greater than the sum of its parts, therefore love is greater than “all”.

In this the faithful and the scientific are inseprable.

And to the lord of justice, the arbiter of kamma, meting out vipaka—let “them” go, and let “freedom” ring. The bell of <int<er|ra>|dependence rings.

Billions and billions of years of biology solves the packing problem—first.

“You”’re just along for the ride—a reflection.

A very powerful reflection indeed.

Roy Æ Hodges