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this is difficult

Piecing together lossiness,
recording is less valuable than insight,
samsara is the best teacher.

do not complain about uke,
samsara receives enlightenment,
please do not break samsara’s hands.
those climbing the mountain
have strong grip.

[21:04] * PlagueRat [redacted] has joined #buddhism
[21:06] <manji> busy night.</manji>

[21:06] <plaguerat> hi maji</plaguerat>

[21:06] <plaguerat> manji</plaguerat>

[21:07] <plaguerat> my internet connection has taken a bad hit during the polar vortex… I hope they fix it soon so that I get more than a few minutes connection</plaguerat>

[21:07] <plaguerat> on the other hand, it’s given me more time to do things such as fix my 3D printer</plaguerat>

[21:11] <manji> we were on a generator earlier today</manji>

[21:12] <manji> power is restored</manji>

[21:12] <manji> kiba has been studying and earlier shoveled snow off the well house</manji>

[21:12] * manji` is now known as fangking

[21:14] * fangking is now known as manji

[21:14] <plaguerat> I have had to stop doing physical Aikido …</plaguerat>

[21:14] <plaguerat> I guess I could do some, but it wouldn’t be fair to my partners</plaguerat>

[21:17] <manji> i would practice with you</manji>

[21:19] <manji> torifune, furitama, cold water, and zazen</manji>

[21:19] <manji> in the snow</manji>

[21:20] * manji bows to plaguerat

[21:20] * PlagueRat bows to manji

[21:20] <manji> there is a vajrasattva valence to these practices</manji>

[21:21] <plaguerat> my knees are shot, and the chest surgery has made it hard to do ukemi</plaguerat>

[21:21] <manji> plaguerat</manji>

[21:21] <manji> aikido is but one vehicle to takemusuaiki</manji>

[21:21] <manji> ;)</manji>

[21:22] <manji> real aikido, not on the mat</manji>

[21:22] <plaguerat> right</plaguerat>

[21:22] <plaguerat> I’ve always thought that Aikido is the physical emanation of the Bodhisatva vow</plaguerat>

[21:22] <manji> aikido is a vehicle.</manji>

[21:23] <manji> yes.</manji>

[21:23] <manji> very astute</manji>

[21:24] <manji> sensei makes me stand perfectly still and practice</manji>

[21:24] <manji> well doesnt’ make.</manji>

[21:24] <manji> he asks.</manji>

[21:24] <manji> cliff, all sides</manji>

[21:24] <manji> walls, all sides</manji>

[21:25] <manji> the sharpest blade remains sheathed</manji>

[21:25] <manji> vajra</manji>

[21:25] <manji> vajrasattva</manji>

[21:26] <manji> wrath when necessary</manji>

[21:27] <manji> torifune, furitama are all i practice with zazen now</manji>

[21:27] <manji> visit dojo, any style…</manji>

[21:27] <plaguerat> I don’t know much about those</plaguerat>

[21:27] <manji> sometimes jo, bokken.</manji>

[21:28] <manji> it’s in there.</manji>

[21:28] <manji> makes freedom</manji>

[21:28] <manji> you literally write your life</manji>

[21:28] <manji> from there</manji>

[21:29] <manji> emptiness</manji>

[21:29] <manji> unceasing evergrowing meditation… action…</manji>

[21:29] * manji bows to kunzig shamar rinpoche

[21:35] <manji> maybe small brush then make big brush</manji>

[21:37] <manji> limitless dimensions, each dimension like paper… a plane… imagine limitless sho brushes</manji>

[21:37] <manji> torifune, furitama</manji>

[21:37] <manji> emptiness = ink</manji>

[21:37] * manji bows to the masters of ancient ways

[21:38] <manji> thank you plaguerat, may i share this with others?</manji>

[21:39] * manji dedicates to all beings.

[21:40] <manji> no trick, it’s true.</manji>

[21:41] * manji dons the bell and sheds the ceremonial robes.

[22:00] * manji dons the shed and makes the ceremonial robes.

[22:20] <plaguerat> manji – you may always share anything</plaguerat>

[22:21] <plaguerat> and now, I am off to bed. Good night</plaguerat>

[22:25] <manji> thank you</manji>

1 brush, remains plural; mitama stroke
2 transference, counter-transference

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reflections on vision

Yamaha R1 - Computer - Roy Æ Hodges

Homage to the lineage of enlightened striving.
Homage to the guardians of the way.

I left the dojo having been taught about the universe. I reentered it one with the universe. You once said to me, “Roy – real aikido, not on the mat”. This is correct.

In the summer of 2015, I received a vision. I keep it close, but to a very select few. Something happened and the reservation I had felt in practice has grown from faithful sufficiency to clear necessity. This is not trivial.

Sensei, how can I put this mildly and yet directly…

Through your teaching. You have given me something I am only yet now realizing more and more profoundly. Motion, Language, Religion, Mathematics, Engineering, Science; these folds around it, all gently inclined toward divine grace.

We, are, warp engines.

The very thing science dreams of, and you found it, and O-Sensei did. Because we are it, and the engine continually increases the resolution of awareness of its function.

Once you discover the engine and activate it, you are judged. Your deeds, all of them, are put through the lens of this engine. Your stride on this planet is larger. Every moment you take, each and every day makes sweeping changes to future probabilities. It is the awareness of a larger influence of probability that allows this to happen. Your awareness is growing.

Karma Semten Chophel is the name given to me by Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche. It means, in Guru Rinpoche’s words, “unceasing ever-growing meditation”, and that is a great place to start, and again, again, not two cuts, just one… superpositioned with none.

Now, the sun and the moon are my training partners,
the dojo is right here, and this being, this coming together,

it truly is, we truly are, living shrines.

What was guilt for leaving others behind,
is now love for those hungry to move forward.

Love is what brings a blanket when one is cold,
love is what brings food when one is hungry.

and it is compassion that shares wisdom,
to remove the grain of sand, in my eye.

In gratitude and grace,
thank you.