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Flow Entry

Beware the entry to flow. The [gimbal field] orientation and [gimbal [redacted]-dynamics] manifold that crosses a horizon at entry will continue during peak flow, much like a holographic border, or event horizon. This field exhibits an entire manifold of momenta, however this manifold, when seen directly becomes sensitive to the “seen directly” phenomena which earlier has been dubbed a Schrödinger Brake.

After this period, valence orientations (ie. shell behavior becomes manifest). Traversing valences requires [plum blossom field] angular momentum / precession exchange on the surfaces of these shells. As is echoed in signage, “in case of fire, use stairs”. Be aware that precessional torque on a valence, may or may not result in valence rotation or not, due to operation constraints of n-dimensional representations of these valences and the near mechanical interactions between these valent configurations and the isomorphic manifolds that occur during valent reconfiguration (taking on energy, or letting go energy).


This is due to superpositional absence of resistance between nascent states tipping toward anxiety and boredom. It is important to understand, yet knowing perception is a hindrance at highly accomplished states [of being, flow etc.] that it is the tilt into anxiety and boredom that is managed, rather than anxiety and boredom. This is very important. The tilt is mathematically equivalent to the steepness of the curve away from and toward the axis of superpositional flow.

Overt concern with anxiety and boredom as a status is very similar to concerning oneself in business with status instead of results, or in martial arts, concerning oneself with kata instead of flow. The work is in setting up the conditions such that one in flow, the work is carried out on the conditions without kamma, this is not so simple if there are habitations of aversion (avarice, hate etc.) and attachment (greed, etc.). At really high accomplished states of flow, ignorance, which is present during aversion and attachment, is where the exit from flow occurs. This may not be seen when mindfulness operates to restore flow, as the gap may be too narrow for clouded perception to see.

An effort to correct and alter course during peak flow, may require organizational torque. At this point, it is possible that <self| <other| view is generated by perception. This will break flow, however it may be recovered when applied and sustained thinking (that which strikes against, and that which remains on the object [of meditation]) are generated with sincerity, effort, mindfulness etc.

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writers block

The amount of middlemen between the pen and the paper is inversely proportional to the intellectual autonomy for the writer to create the unabashedly profound.

A writer simply reorders sensory impressions, and a great writer prioritizes them, the profound writer sheds description on approach to poetry, because our art is not in description, it is in communicating mind to mind. The writer, in search of a medium more direct… the word, the paper, a mere vehicle of communication, it, itself is a middleman we strive to free ourselves from enroute to the divine, that place where silence speaks the first word and that word encompasses all.

this was originally posted on a [ii:communications platform]facebook in response to an [impression advertisement] ad for [preconception forms] cards with concepts to force the brain to write.

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thoughts on neurology 11

Neural Surface Tension

It is during memo-sorting1 that one may discover that there is a surface tension to the signposts pointing to phenomena. That is, these signposts are <affixed|suffixed> to the field of the neural topology. The strength of this affixion and suffixion determines how much the concept connects with and can activate other parts of the neural topology.

Glaser’s warning to delay or hold off literature review during analysis and memo-sorting is keenly aware of the weakness of using other neural topological signposts which are either strongly rooted in your topology with preconceptions outside of the field of study, or weakly rooted such that the concept cannot dislodge insight and meaning. The solution is therefore quite simple, study within the realm of your perception’s insights. This is difficult, and requires one to find intellectual autonomy and freedom.

This autonomy and freedom must be co-incidental with the ability to value perception’s reflection of phenomena. This is where science meets religion. The religious aspect is what brings an individual to the present to study, while the scientific aspects brings the valuation of perception’s ability to reflect what’s really going on in the present. Where “what’s really going on” is a wave-function representation of phenomena. Operating in this atemporality and alocality, one can then find meaning, and application in a great variety of situations and aspects of reality. This is no different than other pointers Glaser suggests.

To go back to the surface tension concept. There is a way to fold the concept’s surface to fit through the reflection of the “narrow gate” during paradigm shifts in order to recover the concept’s value at a future date. This folding requires care, of which is rare.

The ability to fold conception seems proportional to the ability to remove attachment to the signposts themselves. To free the neural topology from the afflictions of ignorance, that is, the mistaken view that the signpost IS reality. This is similar to Feynman speaking to the students, that atoms do not go around with protractors, pencils, and paper calculating their next movements. Conception is merely a metabolically efficient procedural generation of wavefunction probability, in order to match up to the psysiological needs of another wavefunction (me, we, they, it…).

1 see Grounded Theory, Glaser

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linguistic quantization

i think it is most likely that the structure and form of linguistics across a diverse array of quantized human communication into their bell-curved stereotyped herds of “cultures” reveals something far deeper than their reductionist creations in literature and art. it’s entirely most likely… probable, that these functions of linguistic communication reveals the arrow pointing forward, and along the axis of this arrow, this orientation, this mere compass of intelligent communication… that this… just this… it… is pointing to that.

from here… to there…
from present… to presence.

‘why here and not over there?’ becomes a fundamental question as the flows of communication are truly observed for what they really are.

mere abstractions of thought,
whose shadows form words.
like the moon upon water.
the great seal.
beyond there…
beyond here…

far beyond perverted views,
one dwells in nibbana.

masagatsu agatsu,
katsu hayabi.

[ the least quantized form of communication? ]
what is the planck distance of word?

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The <Halting|Trolly> Problem

These are memos; most likely not relevant to most parties, however left here for breadcrumbs. The Halting Problem and Trolly Problem are intimately correlated.

And there it is. Both problems are deeply correlated.


Both problems are deeply constrained and share the same probabilistic space. The solution has a Big-O notation and a measure of value to preserving an inertial frame’s configuration across spacetime. This problem is essential to Warp Mechanics.


To really know which to save, the individual or the herd, and to either have vision or clarity as to which provides the most value [ to solve problem space[s] 1…n ], you would have to resolve the halting problem for the individual and the herd. Life would need to play out in both cases, saving the individual and saving the herd.

The solution by way of calculation using standard methods of analysis and engineering would never be able to produce a result [ < ttc, where ttc = time-to-crash ], given the requirements to emulate two alternate universes. However, there may be a potential solution using pivoting functions presented in Warp Mechanics.

[ Conjecture: Both probabilities are then superpositioned where the outcome is then inversely filtered to collapse probability into the reverse-inverse state based on universal entropy reduction. This entropy reduction[1] is by way of [redacted]. ]

That all said, this now becomes more complicated in intra-neural perceptions of value, which is co-created by emergence, divergence, and convergence. Who is saved, depends on the perspective of value, and the prevailing metabolism-efficient stereotypes that allow rapid decision making [ < ttc ]. The reality is, these systems cannot realistically operate based on calculation, so the natural rational and ethical solution to this is in the conjecture above.


[ isomorphic function / time = isomorphic integrity distribution ]
[ conjecture, raw notes: f(a) =  isomorphic <value|function> / <space|time>. ]
Halting Problem

[ isomorphic value / time = isomorphic value distribution; where value reify’s superpositioned isomorphic maintenance functions ]
[ conjecture, raw notes: f(a’) = <f(a1)|f(a2)|∑a3…n>;   ]
Trolly Problem

The differentiation is integrity vs. value.

[1] ζ(s)