buddha twirls a flower,
there’s the smile.
“i arrived.”

“no backsliding.”
there’s the smile. 3
this is the shugyo, 4
the lamp burns.

let your troubles float away,
like smoke on the breeze.

gentle language,
attribution and uncertainty are…
poison blossoms.

what a beautiful rain shower. 8



[[ 1 ]]
[[ on the other side ]]
[[ you yourself, are the enemy ]]
[[ do not look him straight in the eye ]]
[[ bows, homage to the master ]]
[ more impact! ]

homage to the vajrasattva, the five month woman!
the planting in may! june brings the bloom, the bamboo!
the secret of bamboo!

[[[ runs through all things. ]]]
[[[ takemusuaiki. ]]]
[[[ “take me on the journey…” ]]]

the house creeks,
the nose runs,
the mirror lake.

i have done it.

more impact!.

not one two,

daaaa … daaaa daaaa.

done it.





2 is a footnote.
 :3 come out you bastard!
4 it’s like uprooting onions… stop that [5][6] insanity… the house creeks, the nose runs, the mirror lake; remember the banner; the moment of stereotype; concepts; summarize conception itself.
5 it’s appropriate to depart.
he tries to have the last word; spontaneous creativity, let go of the pearl and it will shine brighter. more impact.
[[66]] BREAKS!!!!!!!
8 no more backsliding
  to breath without breathing, this is the bridge, between heaven and earth. the silk thread [[ 2 ]]
[[ 2 ]] musubi. thank you sensei. more impact.
        meitryea might be a little late.