thoughts on neurology 8

“… you’ve been bitten by, a true believer…” – muse, thought contagion

I believe, and am making an effort to offer proof,
that the evolutionary process of the universe,
this cosmos, and all of life itself…
IS and ALWAYS will be, the most efficient form of evolution.

Against this backdrop, I believe that sentient lifeforms
cannot create new life, for new life cannot be created,
we may only generate it, much like electricity. 

[[[[ “… you’re pressure’s growing exponentially…” – muse, pressure ]]]]
[[[[ right on queue ]]]]
[[[ the [ valence ] son of god ]]]
[[ the glory of the knowledge guided hand is super-positioned ]]
[[ with the discovery guide-less hand. ]]
[ map and reduce is super-positioned ]
We may guide it, however the efficiency of the
reducing-stereotyping functions guiding the hands
will always be metabolically less efficient than the
mapping-brute-force function trying many hands.

This is where right knowledge and wisdom is needed,
to guide, and tend to this garden of life with utmost
care and consideration, because we are not as
efficient in consuming energy as life itself; though
life may efficiently find itself in a corner.

When you can prevent a black hole from forming,
then, and only then, will I reconsider my view,
because I know that once that capability occurs,

a new valence of life will have evolved, and with it,
a new valence of energy, matter, and light, and a new
valence of the phenomena of a black hole will have emerged.

You can’t beat it, no matter how much you try.
There is a wisdom that every religion, every spiritual
tradition, every guru, every shaman, every medicine man,
every mother, every father has known and expressed
in their mother tongue, for that’s the best they had to
communicate it.

Once you know this through and through,
once you accept this through and through,
I believe that only then, only at this point in your
mode of experience…
will the universe allow you to open the door,
to the secret of time itself for direct view.

Without this appreciation and grace,
I believe, that you, the universal you,
will be destined to remain
in the “local group:” cast into the pit forever.

conceptual stereotyping is most likely a metabolically efficient lossy reduce function with a high probability of forecast accuracy, where the stereotype is maintained by recall function. when the forecast is arrived at, if the stereotype was accurate, recall operation will co-recall the stereotype and bind present stimuli to the stereotype with greater resolution.

this phenomena can resonate between neural networks with established communication modality. The network to network stereotyping function follows similar half-life/maintenance functionality of the stereotype functionality within a single network.

single network is a misnomer, due to the fact that neural networks have evolved to communicate across gaps.

neural networks are the communication system between billions of lifeforms working as an organ-ism.

organ-ism is yet, another -ism.

neural networks have evolved to override execution function with NOT operations rather than OR operations. this operates much like a higher-valence multi-dimensional XOR, filtering out “unwanted” activity in-flight.

polymorphic functions most likely have temporal-valence offsets much like the spatial-valence offsets witnessed in-situ, within neural network emulation.