comma, practice

i practice one movement,
not two: the comma,
talk and love,
and on and on, this
is music, not mere poetry,
or have you realized this already?
periods are not the end of a sentence,
they are the ends of a thought stream, like
the piercing sticks and leaves, that are assembled,
valenced assembly, along1 axis of gravity, aligned to the
heavens above, and earth below, structure ever increasing to allow
the system to bear the weight of the shell’s <form|function> flow activity.
come crashing down!
house of cards
it was not
that was being
studied, it never was,
i’ve always been studying change,
it was the turning, it is the turning, it will be
the turning, beyond is, beyond isn’t, beyond is and isn’t,
beyond niether is nor isn’t. i can’t give everything, yet i can give


“… ready to fall…”2
“… ready to lose it all…”2
“… keep me running, you keep me running…”2

if a tree falls in [ |between the planck distance distribution [on axis a] > ] |forest> does it still make a noise [on axis a]?

[1] gaussian polarization distribution
1 generalized peak distribution of local distribution of gravity field flow
2 running, jessie ware