pass over

passover, kami, from one to one…
this gimbal is cubed, not flat…
the three worlds,
as one.

to ring the bell,
the vinculum;
jacob’s ladder.

the mousterian spear,
they weren’t making a blade,
they were making art.

the sword that gives life,
the sword that takes it away.

we made life first,
not death.

the megdalenian era!
cut cut!

they wanted the <art|mountain> = form,
they didn’t kill with their hands.
don’t break their hands.

it’s art.
all we tried to do was make art.

i dreamed on the vajra.

what are the giants of the word,
other than [ reticulated ] viniculated sp[l]ines?

the spear falls,
[ all ] move from ] its [ emptiness.

the bridge between heaven and earth.

< no style | style >

vajra is my shadow.

double vajra.

don’t fight windmills,
the value is in their natural efficiency.