gravitation maxims

slow into corners

look in before closing

what was it invented for… to solve

go straight [ redacted ] when entering [ the room ]

enter [ meditation ] through nekkhama

MDL Analysis

These have been analysed in MDL for ~3-5 minutes.

[ Words = Math ]
[[[ The Principle of Axiomatic Convertibility ]]
[[ The Principle of [enc: redacted ] Convertability ]]
[ <slow down|}| <exiting|into> <straights|corners>{|Speed up> <into|exiting> <straights|corners>>]
slow into corners

[ [[[mind adverting conscious toward [ic: [phassa] <sense door|sense object|feeling> mental factors]]][pr: skhandas]look <in|out> <before|during|after>1 <to close[d]|[to]open[ed]> ]
look in before closing

[[[ this implies [kaleidoscope] dimensionality to effects ]]
[[ first is an interchangeable indicator for non-commutative operations [trig] ]
[ in the first place ]
what was it invented for… to solve?

[ brachistochrone trajectory ]
go straight to [ ] when entering [ the room ]

1 kamma; there is a focal length to wisdom, liberation is <different|same>, liberation is to go beyond, in this case, beyond the calculus to the “end”. End implies a point somewhere to “reach” through [ kaleidoscope action; aka: prime gimbals ]. The reaching is a calculus. Enlightenment process is <gradual steps toward|jumping to the other shore>. Where gradual steps is not like a purification process. It is a… [ realization process ]. Each purification process is a wave function. This wavefunction changes upon each. The liberation process is not about wave function “purification”, it is about wave function [ super n ]<conductance|position>, where [ redacted [ to have an ability to move [ pivot[prece/ssion]tilt ] freely in the trough ]]