linguistic quantization

i think it is most likely that the structure and form of linguistics across a diverse array of quantized human communication into their bell-curved stereotyped herds of “cultures” reveals something far deeper than their reductionist creations in literature and art. it’s entirely most likely… probable, that these functions of linguistic communication reveals the arrow pointing forward, and along the axis of this arrow, this orientation, this mere compass of intelligent communication… that this… just this… it… is pointing to that.

from here… to there…
from present… to presence.

‘why here and not over there?’ becomes a fundamental question as the flows of communication are truly observed for what they really are.

mere abstractions of thought,
whose shadows form words.
like the moon upon water.
the great seal.
beyond there…
beyond here…

far beyond perverted views,
one dwells in nibbana.

masagatsu agatsu,
katsu hayabi.

[ the least quantized form of communication? ]
what is the planck distance of word?