the pinnacle of tech

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I suppose the pinnacle of succinctness is our persuit, and what is that but the pinnacle of tech.


To arrive with the least amount of work, the principle of least effort, and least time, realized. Not just a minimal viable product as a destination, neither but, yet superpositioned with that, a minimal viable path of realization. The journey and the destination are superpositioned, and it is here that both the hedonist and utilitarian are joined and build a future, better, world, leaving it better than they found it.

Absent approval and rejection, the team routes a better path to that place, building a better tomorrow, by building a better presence, which leaves a better past. That is our mission.

People are our greatest technology, and it is here I spend the most of my time. A great teacher, Mitsugi Saotome, once said, “I am interested in people, more than technique,” and it seems somehow I ended here as well. At Wheelhouse we realized, that People Are Our Product, and everywhere I look, I see local biological neural networks traveling to and from their social networks (like neuro-processors) collapsing states and flows of matter, energy, and information continually day to day.

The software of society and we are the most valuable asset, and as leaders we know that our job is to put ourselves out of a job, and while it may be awkward, uncomfortable, and scary, that is our job as a society. To lead the garden we were born out of, not for selfish desire, but to be the best we can be, and leave it better than we found it, in a multi-valent mandala of ever increasing, ever growing, meditation on what life, liberty, and the persuit of true happiness means, with stops along the way to recoup, recover, and rest…. and out of that realization of meaning, we act in ways we could not imagine, providing help to the world, solutions for the earth, neither to preserve nor destroy, not but, yet and… to continue the growth of this precious flow called life.

Now, to realize that your closest neighbor are your environment. This is where the neural network is operating, right here, right now, how do we make this better on our journey to the universe, with this message of the same? No more skipping locality in favor of a remote story better told or more attractive, do better right here. This takes great courage; not one-two, just one.

Entropy be damned to fall into the black hole, it is life, that ever escaping bit, that photon, that defines us, uncertain, profound, and escaping all ration and reason. This is who we truly are, am, and will be.

What will we build not next, not but, yet and… right now. This is the invitation, and it is the pinnacle of our succinct art – of technology (and shares a kinship with Aikido).

The Art of Invitation [ to a better place [ absent the use of force [ and… [ and… [ … take musu aiki… [ unceasing, evergrowing creation… [ [ [