multi-dimensional linguistic entanglement function

A new function for multidimensional linguistics appeared to account for a property that had been directly perceived for about six months. This property, a functional result, is evidenced by the following example:

yet, we<|,> li<v|c>e in quantization,

… which loses the fact that the left and right brakets are in a schrodinger gaussian tilt. that is, this now serves a triangulative function pointing to a conceptual vacuum which is equivalent to a shrodinger filter.

… the solution for the lossiness is presented as follows

[[[‘and’ abbreviates [redacted…static]]]]
[[bar over braket [n-pair] possibly improved readability]
[conjecture: possible nesting here]
[… delving into descriptive…]
yet, we<|a,> li<v|ac>e in quantization,

[this function begins to quvit, a quadratic pivot. as harmonics may collapse bra and ket in nested forms.]