fruits of accomplishment as blessings


homage to the kagyu gurus, homage to the refuge tree, homage to the buddha, dhamma, and noble sangha. homage… to <samsara|nibbana>. homage to prajna paramita.

core transmission

interference of fruits of accomplishment

As condition, fruits of accomplishment [will]interfere[d][1] with <wisdom|method>. Accomplishment may be dark or light in dependence on causes. It [will]take[n] greater courage to remember the training when these fruits arise whether fruits are dark or light. This function of remembrance is mindfulness; that is sati.

courage in the face of fruits of accomplishment

Courage to grow in <insight|method> through mindfulness rather than force of <aversion| and <attachment|, via applied, sustained thought, through jhana becomes ever more critical toward maintaining stability in meditative equipoise.

the double edged sword of fruits of accomplishment

Fruits of accomplishment, much like perception’s ability to more and more closely reflect reality… are a double edged sword; be prepared. The fruits will continue to become more and more unexplained as conventional referents dissolve and absolute referents point, yet only so far as <wisdom|method> is accomplished. Very high levels of accomplishment dissolve even absolute referents as direct perception of emptiness itself is un-referenceable.

the veil of perception

Perception [will]make[d] a manifest effort in finding, realizing, reflecting, describing, categorizing, and rationalizing these blessings. This will in part reveal the function of perception, the grasping hand, the feels out phenomena. “Seeking Behavior” it is called in psychology and neuroscience. The amount of energy in these efforts may or may not leave room for continued <insight|tranquility>. When seeking behavior is suspended, in the sphere of perceptionlessness, awareness can more directly penetrate emptiness. Yet it is not enough to perceive emptiness, the emergence of the ability to see emptiness directly superpositioned with all phenomena is where wisdom reigns.

Attachment is described as a monkey’s paw stuck in pitch, and as it goes to remove its paw, it gets another paw stuck, and yet another paw, and another, and its chest, until it is firmly affixed. So to, does perception behave. Remember that it is the conceptual veil of ‘self-view’ that becomes affixed, in the generative process, due to ignorance. A whole thicket of views arises as a result.

Accomplishment [will]arise[n], the thicket of views, reflected by perception [will]lessen[ed]. Seeing the wavefunction of the relationship between views, words, and action allows one to firmly develop inclination toward <wisdom|method>.

just blessings

It was said, “… these are just blessings, move forward, no attachment,” Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche reminded us at Bodhi Path, in Potomac, MD during his visits when practitioners shared supranormal experiences. That said, do not underestimate the ability of supranormal experiences, in-situ, as a path of expedient means. These arise out of wisdom, and the more accomplishment of wisdom, the more developed perception will become, and the more real the veil of conception will align to phenomena, and the easier it is in a moment of ignorance to become attached to that conception and mistake it for reality.

Continue in perseverance to push through even the most auspicious fruits of wisdom, for when the stage of the Dharma Cloud, or Rain of Wisdom is accomplished, it will continue growing. Beings fortunate enough to be in accompanyment with the accomplished will too be able to share in the blessings, whereas with lesser accomplishment, these might only be witnessed by the practitioner. As wisdom develops, supranormal abilities do manifest, and continue moving forward, as these are the fruits of <wisdom|method> due to the realization of naturelessness, selflessness, and the removal of the afflictions.

Blessings are the ashes of the journey of realization; these are beyond self, beyond other, beyond self and other, and beyond neither self nor other.

prajna paramita

As <insight|tranquility> continues evergrowing, and the penetration of the emptiness of even <insight|tranquility>, <wisdom|method>, <samsara|nibbana>, etc., skillfull means will be reaching even beyond this world.


Keep going, in shugyo. This is limitless as space, hence why jhana is part of the practice.

Gate… gate… paragate… parasamgate… Bodhi Svaha!

May this be of benefit to all beings.


[1] accomplishment fruit valent structural mechanics; fruits of accomplishment “fill” valences in particular configurations [ redacted ]