Etymology of Negotiate

The etymology of negotiate literally is to lack leisure. So to sum up negotiation, it’s quite simple. in one sentence. “We’re going to go and [create environment of a] lack of leisure with them,” and thus intimidation in the most gross, overt, grand to nuanced, subtle, and hidden ways were born. So essentially strategies to negotiation are kata, as in martial arts, forms that lead to very high lack of leisure for an opponent.

Hope this skill is in the right hands, those worthy of accomplishing conquering self-view, because otherwise one or a herd, or herds of herds would go around intimidating others with these kata, these forms, legal or allowed, to get what they wanted. And there in lies the real issue, to get what is wanted.

So what this really reads is, “to learn forms of ways to bring a lack of leisure to another or to a herd of others,” basically… five ways to intimidate them, from gross to subtle, either consciously or unconsciously.” So a six week course to learn intimidation…