Whatever image in a story, it may be embodied, and may be responded to as such, though there is a way out of embodying, and responding.

There is clinging to ta|i>l<e|>s as a result of chasing after the results promised of the chasing, even though chasing training results in entrenching habituating chasing. Usually the main payoff is to be, remaining, a part, though it is only more chasing.

There are strong enduring instincts, and these will do just about anything to be, and only ever result in more enduring; such great the habitation of great momentum.

Beyond fight. Beyond long. Beyond heal. Beyond insist. The shop is closed, the wares of self-view sold no more. The shopkeeper, the shop, the street, uprooted, like smoke, on the breeze.

And so, “your image” is renounced, and “you are” is renounced, and “your story” is renounced, and “respond to you” is renounced, and “we cling” is renounced, and “our story” is renounced, and “our tales” is renounced, and “cause us suffering” is renounced, and “our ego” is renounced”, and “we remain” is renounced, and “your ego” is renounced. The pervasive view, the shop, of the story of teacher selling the warez of “i am” so shall “you be” is undone, and the one verse, the uni-verse is enjoined without separation.

This wisdom of bu, this very hand pronouncing, “no more”.

A stellar jay visits the nest,
chirp chirp chirp!

a few young jumped yesterday,
and marched off,
young no more, put out, like a lamp,

chirp chirp,
tender leaves,
patter patter,
rains fall.

Straight at the markless mark,
th<re|e disciples stand behind with umbrellas,
training in the patience of unbinding,
stopping this very aggression,
of “i am”, and potentially,
realizing the wisdom
of this very empty
nessless, divine,
of this very


When beings train in developing techniques to interrupt others, and create mechanisms, as outflows of technique, allowing the paying for it by systematization of value representation, and sharpening it by way of influence and resistance, these beings, perfecting the practice of technique, swiftly are reborn in the asura realms, enjoying skillful competition.

When beings train in undeveloping technique and are uninterrupted by others, through neutralizing interruption, and unsharpening them, perfecting the practice of dulling technique, swiftly are reborn in the animal realms, enjoying skillful support.

Though it is difficult, though the way is narrow, the warrior ascetic enjoins technique and flow, and remains in the function of wisdom and method. And pulls toward the seat, moving as shepherds, still upon the moving as pilots, and still upon the stillness as monarchs. The mastery of the three models, across the six realms, across the three times, is the culmination of insight and wisdom, as a lightning bolt illuminating this uni, verse.