Temples and Sacraments

May the temple and grace of sacrament give rise to the revelation of divine accompaniment profound.

For even between the gates to and from, there be not a discontinuance, for of the turning outward, the breath, from the grace of the inward, as brothers and sisters emerging, through the narrow gates, just as the voice emerging.

And through the narrow mouthpiece, the sound now emanating from the horn, just as light emanates from the doors, for the temple stores as the winds held firm within, and now having strengthened the walls to endure the great pressures of thrials and tribulations, within which the silence provides all refuge, for the bonds undone, in grace…

Of doors once held shut, now cracked open, the horn held close to the lips, and a great inhalation compete… and so too as one holds the horn to the tip of the tongue and full lips, so too shall one shall hold the door to the tips of the nail and flush fingers.

And so to set loose that crack of sound, so near and dear to light, of the one, the true, the divine; such shall be the wisdom unleashed upon the world in reverent reverberation. And of it, its calls upon the faithful to do good works though it draineth the storehouse of its thousands of years of collections, and not in a final shout, but a sustained announcement, loud, and triumphant… glory to thee, and those between, for the crack is but a gate for all who see it, and hear it. It is bright in illumination, it is loud in reverberation, and it subdues all temptation though the unfaithful close it, and cut it.

Though the generation of idols is wide, and though it is long, and though it is common, know this… it is now time to go beyond it and enjoin in the true teaching, and crown love, and crown wisdom, and crown compassion, and know that the temple, is the hall wherein faith seeks these, and not of its works, for this faith results in the fruition, and of this that small faith, is not faith in the works, but faith in the work of this very wisdom, applied, and generous, unscrupulous, measured, shared amongst the meek, for now comes the time, where the world hath been taken, and given to the next, and where there be love and compassion to the next, there shall be peace, and where there is hate and greed, there shall be war.

And of this peace it is little, and it is small, and it is narrow, for the peace between these lips and horn, and the peace between these fingers and door, is but this and no more.

Be kind to all neighbors, and they to them, for skipping over the ones near, in favor of those dear, sets loose the sling and arrow, like lightning from this door and explosives from this horn.

And what of this? This very writing? It is a righting, of a lighting, what shone once on wisdom and love, turned to a stage; no more.

Illuminate the good work, by though, by word, and by deed. It is time for Jubilee and if it be withheld, the forceful shout and the forceful light shall blow and destroy asunder, a thunder and clap, and during this time, the faithful shall not look back, and continue the work, and continue the work, like amaranth, not looking to the ground, yet the sun, in grace and appreciation, sharing of the world its ability to renew, rather than, replace; such is the testimony, of the new.