Dear Kay Journal Coaching

As may be known, intellectually, coming across this post was a fruit of kamma. And here is an opportunity to share, with another flame, the five heaps, the truth of the matter. Yes the candle flickers, perception (sanna) has produced self-view in great abundance, and the wisdom of not-self (anatta) arises as antidote to enduring (the word “suffering”‘s original etymology) views. Of the one hundred eight views leading to suffering, owning by way of mine, either viewed as mine in the past, mine in the present, or mine in the future, are a cause of great suffering.

Therefore, it should be known and rightly shared, as right view is the forerunner of the path, that these are not my fears, nor another’s fears, nor our fears, nor their fears. Here one, just these five heaps, as a flame, burning brightly, unobscured by enduring views, emitted like smoke from perception, in the many forms of self-view, are cleared and phenomena seen for what it really is. Just this dhamma, clear, essencelessness.

So beyond a holding back, now, miracles… what was seen as such, is seen as intention (kamma) arising as fruits (vipaka), when met with right conditions. The giving is the intention, and what is given, is generosity, in giving what is enjoyed, rather than giving what is unenjoyed and discarded, as a used dish, no longer wanted. Only when giving what is enjoyed, does it return as receiving what is enjoyed. Though this is a path not to heaven, nor deva realms, nor asuras, though the asuras are empowered through tech and games of competition, just this very economic system, and war system seen on great displays of its technologies.

No… these are not my dreams, nor your dreams, nor our dreams, nor their dreams. These are just dreams, floating on that very sea, illuminated by that light, like a lamp, these heaps, these skandhas. And free of attachment, clinging to this as self, as other, as we, as they… free from perverted views, one… dwells… in nibbana…

And the journal, is illuminated, not by me, but by wisdom, and compassion… and love… and the joy of ten thousand suns, as ten thousand lamps, ten thousand being the highest number in many cultural antiquity beings a sign for limitless… illuminates the limitless worlds of the six realms.

A Buddhist Journal indeed.

Homage to Buddha, that sign, that banner of accomplishment, thus come, thus gone.

Homage to Dhamma, that sign, that banner of phenomena, leaning, inclining toward liberation, toward right release; liberated from suffering.

Homage to Sangha, that sign, that assembly of heaps, of heaps, limitless, in the inclination, unbinding, turning the wheel of dhamma… for all.

May all beings, now beyond we and they find true happiness… and achieve the perfection of wisdom in valences beyond a single flame, and assemblies of them.

May this entire world-pore serve as a vehicle for all beings, as a single hair raises all others, in jubilation.

No more suffering, no more enduring views. Free from Samsara. The lotus rises from the mud, yet honors it, and its creator, who comes to rescue it, and restore equilibrium in this realm.

This is the energy of dreams, realized.

Good Luck.