It was suggested to post each of the eightfold path over the following week, plus one by [redacted]rat[redacted]. The following topics have been posted; this may be updated.

Right View is the forerunn<er|ing|ion> of the path.

Enough has been said.

Right Resolve is the renounc<er|ing|ion> of the path.

And how is it the renouncer? For it, having seen even a glimpse of truth, is moved to increase it, and how is its increase? It is as if having seen, one attempts to replicate the conditions where one sees. Just as a scientist in a lab sets conditions for better sight, having tamed the distractions, so too with right resolve, renouncing the execution of activities unfit for the search of conditions wherein kamma ripens for the benefit of tranquility and insight, both having been seen to have been give rise to right view.

Right resolve benefits the hearer, the shravakas… those going forth… and bodhisattvas… and thereby benefits limitless beings in renouncing phenomena, seeing it unsatisfactory, and having seen rightly, recollecting, when seeing wrongly… It is as a warrior, and is the chief meaning of bu. To stop the spears of kamma, and see the progenitors of vipaka, right through and through. This is right resolve. To stop the spears of aggression, stop the spears of grasping, stop the spears of perception’s invalid cognition, and so thought leaks to words, and that is for another time, as today is on right resolve.

Right Speech is the communicat<<o|e>r|ion> of the path.

And what does it mean to communicate? What is the function of communication, and thereby the characteristic of communicator? The function of communication is to resolve suffering, and to resolve by renunciation. This therein is the function of right speech.

Dysfunctional communication obscures enduring views, enduring is exactly suffering, therefore dysfunctional communication obscures suffering, and thereby the causes and effects of it.

[Inversivitistic Interferometrics]
And as in slit experiments, the interference patterns of energies passing via pattern induction via inversivitistic relativity results in inductive activity bound by [redacted].

Right Action is the labor<er|ion> of the path.

And how is it the laborer, because standing at the cross roads of a nexus of renunciation, the laborer withdraws, as castle walls draw closer to guard what remains within. the activity of generosity to minimize the dragon’s loot, the activity to minimize maintenance of these very walls, the activity to apply, the activity to sustain, the activity to place, the activity raptureous, the activity blissful, the activity blissful adorned by [redacted], the activity equinimious

Right Livelihood is the surviv<or|ion> of the path.

And how is it the survivor, because standing at the cross roads of life and death, it does so among the prevailing context of renunciation, minimizes dependencies, minimizes entropy, minimizes oxidation, minimizes decay, having seen the truth of kamma and vipaka. It survives by the fruits of dana, alone and sees the generosity of the path of release, shared in fruition as the greatest benefit to all beings.

Right Effort is the brak<er|ion> of the path.

And how is it the braker, because just a vehicle can set forth in any direction, knowing the destination unfortunate, the brakes are applied, and knowing the destination fortunate, the brakes are released. So too with the recollections of invalid cognition, the brakes are applied fast in renunciation of ignoble thought, ignoble word, and ignoble deed, having seen rightly and having seen renunciation, now the skill in applying the break leads to varying levels of skill, in the temporary suppression of the varying arrays of limitless view, of self-view, of we-view, of yama view, of brahma view.

Right Mindfulness is the engin<eer|ion> of the path.

And how is it the engineer, because as a furnace or nuclear pile is managed in complexity, through the narrow gates of heuristic simplicity. The careful management of core variables, adjusted to perturbation, is the meditator, the yogi, the skilled adept in the approach, in the turning, in descent, in equanimity, and beyond it limitless space, limitless awareness, limitless nothingness, limitless superpositional perception, the beautiful black… and the great realizations… brahma, yama… beyond… beyond… far beyond… far far beyond…

Right Concentration is the join<er|ion> of the path.

And how is it the joiner? It’s quite clear. 😉