So how is morality expedited by wisdom?

It skips taking wrong view, wrong renunciation, wrong speech, wrong action, wrong livelihood, wrong effort, wrong mindfulness, and wrong concentration as self. Self view is proportional to temporal distribution of suffering, suffering being exactly enduring view. For atemporal awareness operates on the entirety of the span; superpositionally.

As right view is the forerunner, the path straightens [<all|limitless><curves|resistance>] upon insight, where tranquility is the strength of the brake.

And what is this brake made of? How could this be? For it is this very samsara.

The entirety of the span is not self, not even time.

That concludes the four minute talk on skipping guilt… for the benefit of all beings.


Death is yama, yama is also charged with justice… the lord of justice unsatisfied because a being sees it as it really is, this vipaka is not mine.

Thus Mara leaves unsatisfied, and compassion knows, no Mara, this is not other.

Knowing this, Brahma can no longer hold the beauty as a result of insight, flourishing inseparable from tranquility, for it is exactly as samsara is, impermanent. For its illumination that holds Brahma, not the other way around.

Thus come, thus gone, holds all phenomena.

The name is the mantra.

[[[“when they come, be ready to go”]]]
[[“i was coming for you, now they’re coming for us”]]
[no-[transit]; aka transitlessness… aka: entangle[ment[ality]]
[aka: ansible]
Not even a no-ship can hide.


[[[ Ansible Collapse ]]]
[[ [] = | ]]
Love and compassion emerges out of a remainder[<less[<ness|quality>]nibbana].
Love and compassion are remainder[s] of <the|a> division of purification of conceit; <the|a> joining operat<ion|or>; implies compass<ion|erator>

The compass-erator
Compass Generat<ion|or>