On Ender’s Game IX

Cheryl Whitelaw asks a question in the Aikido Book Group:

“… could Ender have reached the understanding he has at the end of the movie without going through the battles he faced? And If so, would he have taken the action he made at the end of the movie, acting on his empathy and love for his enemy?

Cheryl Whitelaw in The Aikido Book Group on Facebook

<Perception| en<gen|der’s <a| response:

To answer the first question, that would make him a Conscientious Objector and most likely identified as one. He would not be chosen by a series of institutional filters for the role of an ender empowered by a generalized weapon of a purpose driven xenocidic sub-culture. Such sub-cultures seem influenced to advert permutations of cross-cultural contact by the larger culture seeking preservation of xenocentric perceptions. This would have collapsed probability to zero for a chance to arrive at the permutation of an outcome with the queen.

The above seems reminiscent of politicized implicit/explicit bias (Culture Talk).

A good example of this where Edward Said, after the Oslo Accords are signed, reaches foreclosure on the prospect of an independent Palestine, and is quite let down. Falling back to musical endeavors for solace, he reaches out to work with Israeli musicians on a musical project. He is heavily criticized for this by the very people he worked so hard to establish dignity and independence for. Let it be known that Said worked very diligently to establish cross-cultural civil relations, all while living under the label of a “Professor of Terror”. Would Said have been given a powerful PNC committee position in PLO (an interchangeable indicator for Palestinian Lives Matter) if he had demonstrated such an overt commitment to universal values (an interchangeable indicator for [undefined] Lives Matter) before hand?

Such is the trouble of the psycho-social dynamics; environments, individuals, herds, and cultures are co-creating probability.

However… there is a way, and there is this kind of intuition that knows that if described, even at the briefest of conception, it could turn out very destructive to a great many with post-ender capacities. Hence why the very queen’s cocoon is concealed. It is not worth risking the potential that these being-systems could be identified and potentially constrained when doing the work of the four immeasurables across many worlds. So it makes sense that these remain buried, like the precious gems of wisdom-fruitions between the palms of hands. Sounds a little Jedi, however, these days, it’s the closest analogy in conventional vernacular that isn’t troubled by Culture Talk… yet, and when that time comes, another one will find something more free from political flames to relate it to.

With respect to Edward Said, a great many others, and my own mother for requesting the reading of Ender’s Game before entering high school. It was after reading it, and finishing it, where she beseeched, “don’t let them take advantage of you.” It is the reason for turning down positions offered in Imagery Analysis, Special Operations, PsyOps, Delta Force, State Department, and CIA. It took a decade in Shobukan under sensei’s grace, and another decade following to work through the gravity of this. While there is an aspect of imposter syndrome, I really wish not to hurt any living being.

In final close, please be brave, and courageous, really dig down into masagatsu agatsu, and perhaps the spark of katsu hayabi will light the engine and join life rather than separate it. I’d like to not speak of this further now, so will just press return, and how utterly charming in the naming, appropriate.

just a friend.

and friendship,
is the whole of
katsu hayabi.


and it is not self,
and it is not we,

beyond even it,

tatha, gatha.