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兼學パート二; concurrent study II

Yet within the context of accelerative learning, the quickest of all learning, is love. Yet, what is love without guidance toward the universal?

Enter compassion, and how does one not lose the growth of compassion through love’s continuous applications?

Enter equanimity, the golden ticket, and well, Willy Wonka historically only put those in random tickets, incentives for participation, so as to generalize the asura experiment obscured by deva wonders meeting cognitive blunders with human participants.

And joy?

No, afraid not, somehow joy is an unconditioned stimulus, rather than reward to certain cognitive chains. Joy seems to flow, and well, optimal flow, is well… more joyous, and optimal flow is channeled by love and compassion.

Equanimity? Oh that? It’s grid control, quantization control, yet this is across the entire manifold, and that requires going beyond not just order, but the evolution of order, limitless valences.

Limitless – beings – [will]enlighten[ed].