A Morning Chat with an Operator

When an Operator refers to witnessing the Pygmalion Effect and correlated turbulent effluent affect.

Yes, appealing to concept-self or ideal-self, as an attempt to boost or dampen behaviors associated with, yet not truly these, may result in psychologies clinging to, averting from, and ignorant of, these very phenomena.

However, bodhicitta, is most valuable.


Unconditional. Positive. Regard.

Beyond expectation.

The boosting of clinging, averting, ignorance, these increase transactions, where the transaction platform owner gets more flesh on each coming and going. So the bodhisattva in hell (relative) offers its entire being in one go. Atlas did not shrug, Atlas [simply stopped] laid upon the very foundation of transactional economism, and threw the entire train coming off its tracks, now going; habitation, scripts, norms, laws… go between, the middle way, is peace.

Tiananman Square…

The gate,

And as Kimberly Jones rightly said,
“<other-view|you> broke the contract.” (Jones, 2020).

Not even Asura Walls can hold back heaven’s tides,
emitting from Heaven’s Halls.


Jones, David. 2020. “How Can We Win.” YouTube. Retrieved April 7, 2021 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llci8MVh8J4).