A Letter to Harvard on Competency

Dear Harvard,

While it is appreciated that there is an effort for extending equality in workplaces, Harvard may want to consider the possibility that individuation of the very concept of “competency”, may very well be a hyper-masculine perspective.

Speaking of hyper masculinity, Freud is far from the only perspective in the field of psychology, and I’m sure a multicultural study of leadership is more valid.

Freud’s work initially is done in imperialist ethnocentric contexts, and I feel that using these to prop up recommended behaviors in a globalized economy, inclusive of the diverse arrays of sex, gender, culture, and ethnicities, one wonders if the leadership recommended is just a form of maintenance reinforcement to which the likes of B.F. Skinner would most likely look at with no surprise for the environment is enduring the extinction process of classically and operantly conditioned ethnocentric imperialist schemas, prototypes, and scripts.

It may be helpful to, rather than focus on a dominant culture’s focus on competency, to switch to a more globally inclusive concept of what all this, is truly for? Because competency there, may be far from what propagandizes and continues existing themes.

Roy Æ Hodges