Do not Underestimate an Extinction Burst of Ascetic Liberation

manji: Through attentiveness to the shapes and sounds of this very intonation, through this belief, through the afferent to efferent motions of these presses on the great empty wall of space and time concomitant fruits of volitional intention radiating as vipaka…

manji: may this attentiveness, absorbed, lead toward the awareness of suffering in the three worlds… crosscutting the three times…. worldless, timeless…

manji: may it lead to the awareness of the causes of this suffering, as enduring of fixed views in generating aversive efference and craving efference

manji: may it lead to the reduction of suffering, in direct awareness sublimating leaning toward, leaning away, into perfuse awareness, transparent, clear as the sky whereupon the naturelessness of phenomena is revealed interdependently originated

manji: may it lead to release from the co-dependent arising of intention and results of intention, as the great waves of the sea are seen as the waves really are, selfless, essenceless, emptinessless, where ness is a reflection of less…

manji: inseprable concomitant exactly the same

manji: yet not, yet neither same and not, yet neither neither same nor not… thus the tetralemma of fixed relations is busted

manji: another view sunset

manji: against the raging fires of wisdom, fierce, and submitting

manji: wrath of wisdom.

manji: snake eats tail.

manji: and there is nothing further to do, yet… there is remainder…

manji: for the benefit of limitless comings and goings… of beings…

manji: and though this framing of self, this image, this identity, this soap bubble on the sea of samsara endures the churning waves… may it be that this bubble, this illusion, seeks refuge, finds refuge, remains in refuge, embraces refuge, does not waste refuge… in overcoming, and conquering the causes that lead to the need for refuge

manji: may it be that this movement arrives in refuge in the tripartite aspects icon-ing, sign-ing, index-ing… contingently conditioning, operantly conditioning, socially modeling the gathering, the absorbing, the condensing of insight and tranquility leading to the cessation of rebirth.

manji: may it be that this form finds refuge in buddha, the remainder of being… having gone beyond the four truths of suffering, causes of suffering, liberation from suffering, and the remaindering path toward liberating from suffering

[redacted] has joined ([redacted])

manji: may it be that this form finds refuge in dhamma, knowing cause from causation, seeing the connectivity between iconed, signed, and indexed volition and reflected volition as fruits of volition (i.e., vipaka).

manji: may it be that this form finds refuge in sangha, knowing the value of reticulated paths increasing icon, sign, and index in comings and goings of volitive behaviors, continually offering sublimation of equanimous insight to go beyond to the “other shore” beyond worldly affairs 

manji: and may it be that these forms realize that icon, sign, and index production is to be balanced in resource utilization for the benefit of limitless beings

manji: for that is what a buddha-land arrives at

manji: an emanation of salient equality and wealth for the benefit of the production of tranquility concomitant insight in the production of knowledge for the benefit of limitless beings beyond in- and out-group behaviors of this world vs. that world

manji: this is the way

manji: of buddha

manji: dhamma

manji: sangha

manji: far apart from perverted views one dwells in nibbana

manji: bodhi. svaha.

manji: the embers are merely quantizations.

manji: a lamp onto “atta”

manji: just as it is invalid to say buddha “goes”, just as it is invalid to say a tatha gatha “goes”, it is invalid to say that quantized samsara “goes”.

manji: adorned in the robes of dejection, correlation mistaken for causation, and labels confused… this is an ascetic path

manji: and it is a noble path

manji: beyond anointment, beyond appointment, where late and early are not applicable

manji: “A wizard is never late … Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.” Precision, comes from the words prae (before) + caedere (to cut) from PIE root *kae-id “to strike”… and what is this precision related to?

manji: the root of suffering.

manji: the palmyra tree is topped (this is not self, this too is not self, this not being self is not other, this not being self, cannot be selves, thus it cannot be we, and as it cannot be we, it cannot bey they… as it is an ebb and flow of samsara, it cannot be “it”, far beyond it… there is merely gone beyond, gone beyond… gone…. beyond….)

manji: pre-cision.

manji: the cord is cut

manji: the beads fall like rain from precious sky

manji: the snows melt

manji: precious dew from mountains descend in tumult, to braided streams, to alluvial fans…. such is samsara

manji: weathering, accreting… the oceans vast, plate tectonics cracking and ripping, traversing, sliding, striking, subverting, raising, and upon these, beings vast, limitless, comings and goings

manji: for the benefit… of limitless beings

manji: do not underestimate the phenomena of remaindering’s extinction burst, for it is as a radiant sun, reflected in the disc of a lotus, signing, iconifying, and indexing this burst…