still; strong hands

“forward, in front of, before”, “[interchangeable indicators for communication] speak, tell, say”;

先生; sensei
“before, first, ahead of”, “[interchangeable indicators for life process]”

“concerning, seen from the standpoint of, (yoga) a yoke…” [much here!]

“before, in front of”, “let go, send, throw, release”

take… musu… aiki…


it’s quite simple.
there really is nothing new.
under the sun/[interchangeable indicator for [redacted]]. pretty interesting.
i don’t need to imagine what it was like with them.
the duration, however, of the order is important. this part is not
well stereotyped for propagation in society. the distribution of this stereotype within a herd, is dependent on an additional dimension beyond time. that is. order. to see <order|chaos>, the superpositioning. beyond one, other, both one and other, and neither one nor other. beyond dichotomy, beyond [… n]…
the universe unfolds.
now <nekamma let go1|kamma takes2> hold.
so easy to fall down. yet. strong.

π4 .
the root of roots.
the [ redacted ].

[[[ hello pitch. ]]]
[[ ahh, mu – the functionless pivoting function. the monkey wrench ]]
[ atemporally, superpositional pinball proves this case ]
“there is nothing new under the sun”

1 [ redacted ]
2 [ redacted ]
3 [ conjecture; [ matrices of measure(s)] the distribution of superpositioning is directly proportional to the distribution of [ matrices of energies(s)] time dilation ]
4 the supra-normalized curve; curve function [ quantization ].
5 o-sensei bundle wood bokken practice makes perfect sense now.