thoughts on neurology 10

these are rough notes for sorting; placed here for portability during travel.

a neural network is of such a structure whereby a “fire-lasso” is controlled by changes in up-stream firing rates. the decay curve in down-range distributions of neural flatlands is temporally shifted, where a precession behavior is exhibited across the gimbal normal of the fire lasso. this fire-lasso can be…


[[[ the bell rings ]]]
[[ they came to… [redaced]… editing history… ]]
[[ here’s the tilt.
[ the world is not flat ]
the bridge is not flat.
paranoia is the fear of what will come next.
face it.

<energy distribution|<mu|form>>

the pivot.
you’re welcome.


f(function sorting)=[redacted]=dg

one falls in, the other escapes. the cut is not available.

the pivot.
you’re welcome.

[ valenced equation ]

ability to move positive and negative in a normal distribution from the present state, where the energy to <tilt|chip off> is minimized by [valenced by centered=minimum precession

[[[ functions are like proteins (beware analogy) ]]]
[[ analytics cross <knowledge|experiment> to detect [ redacted ] for <shadow potential|skill> identification ]]
[ an argument for free access of journals ]