The <Halting|Trolly> Problem

These are memos; most likely not relevant to most parties, however left here for breadcrumbs. The Halting Problem and Trolly Problem are intimately correlated.

And there it is. Both problems are deeply correlated.


Both problems are deeply constrained and share the same probabilistic space. The solution has a Big-O notation and a measure of value to preserving an inertial frame’s configuration across spacetime. This problem is essential to Warp Mechanics.


To really know which to save, the individual or the herd, and to either have vision or clarity as to which provides the most value [ to solve problem space[s] 1…n ], you would have to resolve the halting problem for the individual and the herd. Life would need to play out in both cases, saving the individual and saving the herd.

The solution by way of calculation using standard methods of analysis and engineering would never be able to produce a result [ < ttc, where ttc = time-to-crash ], given the requirements to emulate two alternate universes. However, there may be a potential solution using pivoting functions presented in Warp Mechanics.

[ Conjecture: Both probabilities are then superpositioned where the outcome is then inversely filtered to collapse probability into the reverse-inverse state based on universal entropy reduction. This entropy reduction[1] is by way of [redacted]. ]

That all said, this now becomes more complicated in intra-neural perceptions of value, which is co-created by emergence, divergence, and convergence. Who is saved, depends on the perspective of value, and the prevailing metabolism-efficient stereotypes that allow rapid decision making [ < ttc ]. The reality is, these systems cannot realistically operate based on calculation, so the natural rational and ethical solution to this is in the conjecture above.


[ isomorphic function / time = isomorphic integrity distribution ]
[ conjecture, raw notes: f(a) =  isomorphic <value|function> / <space|time>. ]
Halting Problem

[ isomorphic value / time = isomorphic value distribution; where value reify’s superpositioned isomorphic maintenance functions ]
[ conjecture, raw notes: f(a’) = <f(a1)|f(a2)|∑a3…n>;   ]
Trolly Problem

The differentiation is integrity vs. value.

[1] ζ(s)