An Aspiration Toward the Forge of Keiko

May the fires of the forge of keiko receive the blessings of the heat of energy, the blessings of the fuel of potential, and the blessings of the oxidant of perception. And the flames of ten-thousand arms wielding ten-thousand techniques, having catalyzed these, emergent, the ten-thousand ashes, inclined, intended having produced the signs, continually, a great stream of wisdom, falling like rain, beyond self, beyond other, beyond self and other [we], and beyond neither self nor other [emptiness], pointing to freedom from bondage and having taken the form of a super positioning of king, of boatman, and shepherd.

Beyond fixed views, beyond fixed techniques, beyond repetition, beyond the four directions, and now eight, may the blessings of the sixteen directions, become thirty two, and from the thirty two came sixty four, and sixty four came one hundred twenty eight, and then two hundred fifty six… for it is beyond this sequence, quantized, this arrow of time shot, across the entire span, in one go.

Be kind to the nearest neighbor, said wisdom to left and right, this heart of two, entwined, alights, and the vertical meets horizontal, warp and weft, heddle and shuttle.

do so with care,
for the asuras await,
those attached to becoming,
the growth, of technique and skill,
don’t miss the purpose of the forge, and anvil,
realize the forge, realize anvil,
realize the sword, realize
scabbard, understand,
relies on none,
not even,