Insight Flowers

[01:32] <manji> another round…
[01:33] <redacted> relevance of time perhaps
[01:36] <manji> scammers now say god bless
[01:36] <manji> 2 lines in
[01:36] <redacted> oh?
[01:36] <manji> it’s great
[01:36] <manji> just go straight to suffering solving
[01:36] <manji> 🙂
[01:36] <redacted> is that all it takes?
[01:36] <manji> yep
[01:36] <redacted> you are blessed!
[01:37] <manji> blessings
[01:37] <manji> yes.
[01:37] <manji> just take self out
[01:37] <manji> all valences
[01:38] <redacted> the body is… not self
[01:38] <manji> nope.
[01:38] <redacted> but a portal for actionary experience
[01:38] <redacted> the temple aka body is blessed in such circumstances
[01:38] <redacted> not sure i would say… God… cares enough to bless lol
[01:38] <redacted> it is not the same..
[01:39] <manji> well there is a creator
[01:39] <manji> no doubt about it
[01:39] <manji> 🙂
[01:41] <manji> though turn the dial up… yes, even creators can achieve enlightenment 🙂
[01:41] <manji> maybe should live stream
[01:42] <manji> from the veranda
[01:45] <manji> “when just a notch back from direct perception, just a sliver of light, it’s almost as if from either perspective, the ox is relieved, “oh thank god that sage is off my back,” and the sage is greatly relieved, “oh dear, that ox finally is happy.”
[01:46] <manji> “it’s quite absurd, and as stated above, even this awareness, this wisdom, dissolves into emptiness”
[01:46] <manji> dot matrix samsara
[01:46] <manji> spears… oh my there it is
[01:46] <manji> spears across space time
[01:46] <manji> volition
[01:46] <manji> wow
[01:46] <manji> nice
[01:46] <manji> bhava
[01:46] <manji> insight flowers
[01:46] <manji> burning punk
[01:46] <manji> embers
[01:47] <manji> impurity
[01:47] <manji> white ash
[01:47] <manji> smoke
[01:47] <manji> breeze
[01:47] <manji> there it goes
[01:47] <manji> gone
[01:47] <manji> 🙂