A Response to Diamond Montessori Blog

Such is the packing problem of language and communication, solved through stereotype, metabolic efficiency expressed, for the purpose of beings navigating a limitless complex world of tessellated principles. Just as explorers landed and called numerous natives, “Indians”, and explorers landed and called numerous ascetic practices, “Hindu”, and explorers landed and called numerous peoples, “Asian”, and “African”, and “European”, and affixed labels of “white” and “black”, and “straight”, and “gay”… and… and… and… and… all in an effort to speed by complexity in pursuit of simplicity. Rivka, yes, it sucks, simplicity paves over complexity in order to smooth the way and remove turbulation, like deer hooves making trails trampling over diversity in insect and plant (look at that, all diversity reduced to “insect” and “plant”, another example).

So the only thing I could possibly work on among this phenomena of metabolic non-commutative packing is giving ahead of this paving, and that is fore-giving, and what does it do? Makes way, ahead of the hooves such, that there is less harm in the trampling later.

And thank [redacted], for sharing this on the wall she maintains, and thank the author and creator. Very helpful indeed.