Tranquility & Insight

There is realization where tranquility precedes insight… there is realization where insight precedes tranquility… there is realization where insight accompanies tranquility…

The first case is as a lens maker grinding glass to make a lens, carefully, precisely, measured… collected, upright in small maneuvers to grind the glass for perfection, here in this care, precision, and measure… preceding, may insight then occur in the activity of precise care, mindful, of the smallest motions, visible due to the lack of blemish of lens, of sense… unclinging to objects.

The second case is like a designer, having realized its construction, lays out the marks, the proportions, the measures, within which to make cuts, and add boards and supports… directly realizing the changing… the proportion, the causes and effects, sees directly the cause of pleasure, of pain, of neutrality, of the uncreation of purification, seeing directly these five heaps taken for self, these many of fives taken for we… and here witnessing enduring views, realizing the etymology of suffering, seeing cause and effect, right then and there may an inclination to putting it out occur.

The third, is like an artist, coming, going, drifting on the breeze, yet absorbed in the present, and seeing a lens maker inquires, “if i were to grind this glass to clarity,” grinds the glass … and seeing the designer inquires, “if i were to design this glass for seeing,” designs the glass for seeing… a shravaka, the hearer, directly putting into practice, the heard where wisdom is lacking, and puts away the practice, where wisdom is established.