Autonomy & Shugyo

Shugyo is what makes tremendous space and time for autonomy.

Within this autonomy, the forms and functions of the world are reflected with minimal peer review as peer review contaminates spontaneously budding wisdom. Between reflections, a shifting kaleidoscope of walls and holes, the practitioner bends the trunks and branches toward the brighter bits, and leaves are unfurled as if fallen upon the waters, yet these waters are of light, of form, and then as of form, so too with sound, and taste, and smell, and touch, and so on to mentality.

As this autonomy grows, as from a seed, within these valences of walls and holes, the branches, widen, and crack, and move as upon gimbals, orienting, not through motive force, but sheer will of growth, bending, inclining, leaning, toward form (an abbreviation of all sense objects).