In Search of End|er>

It is a firm belief, conviction, from the sociological imagination, to have come to the realization that a University, a College, an avenue of continuing education is a reciprocal relationship between the institution of knowledge in placing before a being, that which challenges beings as a matter of priority, succinctly and sufficiently in order to trial these very beings in the solving of them and the exchange of knowledge in order to express the solutions to the plurality of beings for the benefit of the worlds to which they are part.

And now, to continue, the opening act! The violins swell, the kettle drums sound, the melody dances across the fiery bows. Down into the orchestra pit, the sound crescendos! The words fade, and the screen goes black. This device of vocal and motive amplification, that which stuffs the senses with words far, and sounds distant, and obstructs the calm, the quiet local with attestation and provocation.

The solution is the problem, the solution is exactly the problem, and when this is seen, limitless puzzles [will be]solve[d].