The Tyranny of Beginnings and Endings

“One of the main premises of this book is that there can be no assessment of the present, nor discussion of the future, without an understanding of how the conflict unfolded from the beginning.”

(Bunton, 2013, p. xiii)

Oh the “tyranny of the shoulds” of Karen Horney, this statement above is not entirely accurate, for once can definitely see the past by focusing squarely on the present, however this skill requires a highly nuanced, precise, and absolutely pristine piece of equipment to see the comings and goings in an infinitesimal vectors crossing a present so as to be inversely proportional to the distance of predictability in either direction.

For example, squarely focusing on the phenomena of self-view, and we-view, the knots of limitless matters of being-behavior resulting from the rejection and acception of these, displays itself with vivid intensity.


Bunton, M. (2013). The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict. Oxford: Oxford University Press.