[00:09:41] <manji> …

[00:10:13] <manji> “water which is too pure, has no fish”

[00:10:45] <manji> no is talk of non-existence of things

[00:11:17] <manji> too is craving

[00:11:25] <manji> craving process

[00:11:29] <manji> is not self

[00:11:46] <manji> cancels out leaving pure

[00:11:50] <manji> no was cancelled out

[00:11:57] <manji> water which has fish

[00:12:08] <manji> owning process is invalid

[00:12:33] <manji> owner fixedness is invalid

[00:12:49] <manji> cancels out

[00:12:58] <manji> water which fish

[00:13:38] <manji> which in this case due to cancellation become a syntactical event horizon

[00:13:44] <manji> <water|fish>

[00:14:23] <manji> interchangeable indicator swapped for inverse function

[00:16:46] <manji> [redacted…]

[00:17:05] <manji> definitely redacted.


[00:22:14] <manji> “Dark Anthem”

[redacted; ml]

[00:34:04] <manji> there isn’t enough for everyone to <achieve happiness|live survival exit local group> at this permutative inclination perspective

[00:46:42] <manji> perspective rebirth

[00:47:04] <manji> probability drag

[00:50:00] <manji> [sorry, this]

[00:50:00] <manji> [is not]

[00:50:00] <manji> [.]

[think you might just like 👍]

[proofing window 🪟 is a view]