Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha

[[[Game as Trolly Problem Heuristic; i.e., scrabble]]
[[Transitive Linguistic Mechanics]]
[Diodic Linguistic Mechanics]
The practice of bypassing logic to arrive at direct comp<u|e>t<a|i>tive functional mechanics with respect to superpositional permutative intelligence (SPI), otherwise known as stateful packet inspection, where state is inclusive of both superpositioned and de-superpositioned, where de- is an interchangeable indicator for un-, and packet is an interchangeable indicator for the distribution of permutation [<boolean permutation permutation]and|ed> capacitance, and where inspection is a permutation of collapse/de-collapse trolly problem function. Whereby trolly problem function efficiency is measured by heuristic, in faith, for the outcome is incomputatable without 1:1 replica offset in temporality, though… superpositional fields offer such replicative sets… inclusive of vector topologies…

<無|<<A…無制限>|<The|Essence View>>> Lions Prides

<無|<<A…無制限>|<The|Essence View>>> Elephants Walks

<無|<<A…無制限>|<The|Essence View>>> Forests Burns

<無|<<A…無制限>|<The|Essence View>>> Snakes Strikes

<無|<<A…無制限>|<The|Essence View>>> The Thief Steals

<無|<<A…無制限>|<The|Essence View>>> The Prison Punishes

<無|<<A…Limitless>|<The|Essence View>>> The Demon Doubts

Asymptotic Tectonic Stabilization