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like an electron across a NP junction...

Dispensation given on GEM3 #buddhism intra-IRC network relay system

[und] <manji> there is this mindfulness of breath at the tip of the nose, and it is sufficient, the reason it is helpful is twofold…

[und] <manji> first, it is difficult for perception to emit a conceptual representation of the sensation at it.

[und] <manji> extremely difficult for perception to do so.

[und] <manji> this clearly allows wisdom to distinguish perception processes from awareness processes

[und] <manji> though perception is a kind of awareness.

[und] <manji> the second is that it provides immediate feedback during discrimination and sensory impingements where craving and aversion occur in the changes in the metabolic needs of oxygen in changing breating

[und] <manji> thus there can be clear awareness of craving and aversion functions

[und] <manji> over time, perception is as a skilled performer… an artist… a “creator”… <cough/>

[und] <manji> begins to emulate this nose-tip sensation

[und] <manji> this is a counter-sign

[und] <manji> nimitta

[und] <manji> this is not to be mistaken for conventional conceptual processes which are more descriptive, this is more concept “as whole <cough/>

[und] <manji> the noble search goes beyond these mistaken views

[und] <manji> and continues on direct perception

[und] <manji> when meditating this way, the perception will inverse, the clear conception will cross the gap, to the other side <cough/> the far shore

[und] <manji> like an electron across a NP junction

[und] <manji> absorption provides the bias current… yet like a semiconductor, too much current, and the junction can short or open

[und] <manji> this is where oral instruction is provided to improve the quality of the NP phenomenon’s material (doping etc.)

[und] <manji> the doping process requires <homelessness|bu> functions.

[und] <manji> these are right livelihood processes following the sequence from right view.

[und] <manji> right view is the forerunner, this is the law.

[lba] <system> Conductor ([redacted]) joins

[und] <manji> “A semiconductor doped to such high levels that it acts more like a conductor than a semiconductor is referred to as a degenerate semiconductor.”

[und] <manji> Thank you for the demonstration Conductor.

[lba] <system> drogas ([redacted]) joins

[und] <manji> most likely not.

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