Patterns: X Abuses Dominant Position Y

Today it was read that Google abused a dominant position in India (Singh, 2021). The etymology of dominance is “rule, control; authority; ascendancy” (Online Etymology Dictionary, 2021b) where dominant has a long history relating to angels, lords and masters (Online Etymology Dictionary, 2021c). The fascinating thing about the etymology of “abuse” is that it literally comes from “improper practice”, “a using up”, “violation, defilement” etc. (Online Etymology Dictionary, 2021a). Herein is a pattern that seems therefore quite possibly redundant, for does not dominance itself imply abuse? Doesn’t lording over in some way abuse another? Is not controlling or exerting control over another a form of abuse?

The one area of abuse that is interesting is the etymology about “using up” (Online Etymology Dictionary, 2021a). How appropriate given the fact that humanity has abused its dominant position in using up resources both biological (i.e., slavery, debt bondage, imperialism) etc. The entirety of lording is in and of itself, abusive, for what makes a lord a lord is contingent on that which makes a lord, in that the creation of a lord consumes resources (time, resources, and intellectual effort [metabolism] in drafting scope). Is not that a kind of abuse?

One could object saying that it is not abuse, but a proper order of the “ascendancy” of one being over another, just as trees that maketh a canopy ascends over trees and shrubs that do not. It’s unsolvable however, it seems to be the way of the world, of things, and of matter. Even sedimentary rock sorts by way of gravity, which seems a result of non-commutativity in four-dimensional calculations. It sucks, period, end of story—samsara is unattractive for this reason.

So yes, X abuses Y by way of its dominant position ordered by the serialization of language in classifying and ordering the very letters of language. X quite literally comes before Y in the alphabet. X therefore is implicitly setup for an abusive relationship with Y by mere order, and order is setup for an abusive relationship with chaos, by mere non-commutativity. Samsara sucks.

Is there a way out of this mess? No, because the out implies order also. There is suffering; there is enduring, period, end of story. This is samsara, and samsara demonstrates a remarkable quality for abuse.

The better way is to stop the mess. Stop implies abusive-less-ness. There is suffering no more; there is enduring no more, period, end of story. This is nirvana, and nirvana is beyond demonstration.


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