Cross-Plane Redaction

Fascinating, where fascination process is a pull-push dimensional function, as distorted by phasic angles of cross-plane [redacted].

“Lust can also be displaced; sexual fetishes seem explicable as the reorientation of erotic interest from a human being’s genitals to some unconsciously related area, such as feet or even shoes. If events in a man’s history have made vagina’s seem dangerous, some other female-associated object may be substituted [<‘|’>]. Anxiety may itself be displaced; Freud’s famous patient “Wolf Man” was treated In his later years by Ruth Mack Brunswick for a morbid preoccupation with his nose that came to be understood as the displacement of frightening, mutilatory fantasies about his penis.”

(Gardiner, 1971)

Internal strength training is still training strength, lifting weights, resistance bands, push-ups, and more. This is competitive behavior, building a better weapon in hopes to achieve some goal resulting in defeating another. In aikido, we do not do such things: we train with others. We do this exclusively, not to build strength but to practice in such a way to hone the aspects of being in working beyond rigidity, to develop, to develop, and guide a continued emergence of life (i.e., body) peaceful (i.e., valence growth function communication distance time inversion skin grey matter density [redacted]) through principles of that which is beyond the three times (i.e., dendritic-temporal-angles).

While I could call it divine, I cannot, for it is exactly limitless creation, inseparable from creator. And in this I see samsara, and through this wisdom, it is inseparable from nirvana. I have met many teachers, I have learned from them what has been learned, I have sought out masters and gurus, and have met them, and learned from them. I have changed roles with them — in this, it is so. Humility is found in flexibility, in an ability to change, beyond fixed views, even this one too.

And I can now say that in these views, far beyond them, the truth of the matter is that there is creator, this is undeniable. There is the created, this is undeniable. There is samsara as creator inseparable from created, and there is beyond, far beyond, utterly far beyond. This is inseparable from creator. This is inseparable from created.

For what has met, learned, and taught by model, is not self, not in the future, not in the present, not in the past. Just as one ounce of taking for self even a sliver of the seven enlightenment factors drops a being into the four limitless qualities, and creates rebirth in the heavenly abodes, so too does taking for we, the natural beauty of a dense phenomena of a myriad coming together of a limitless land of seven factors as a supreme assembly. When the first disciple takes for we, the assembly, here and exactly here does the sun begin to set on a duration of wisdom, and a dark time fall. It does this not by I, nor by other. It does this not by we, nor by they. It does this not divine creator, nor by created. It does this as a natural order of samsara, with its churning waves.

And for the liberated, not so titled by intention to complete, not so titled by intention completing, not so titled by intention completed, but by realization, rightly so of being to being. A lamp from one distribution of being to another distribution, just as these five heaps, in various forms, regardless of realm or limitless classifications of life segregated.

The dark times in limitless cycles starts with an evolution in assembly, taking an assembly for self, an assembly for we, an assembly for the next variation of these. This is how a dark time arrives and how a dark time comes to conclusion, and between there is what happens at boundaries of world systems, regardless of cosmology or plate tectonics. There is change, and its perturbations experienced are mere tessellations of perturbations intended.

In realizing a truth relative, there is realizing a false relative, and the limits of knowledge are bright, as light of limitless suns. This ability to back off without backsliding, is what allows this language, for it is not mine|d>. It is merely reflection, a gem in the mud, where it is not picked up, where it is not let gone, but simply perception rests at this station, satisfied, happy, knowing that this shore has been crossed, and no further shore need be crossed.

What once was a commitment dedicated to uprooting other-view, uprooted self-view, and in so doing uprooted we-view, and in so doing uprooted they-view. And far beyond these there are variations without yet descriptors, far more complex than these simple words as street-signs can label, yet know that these will, are, and had occur|ring|ed>. The pilots of the ships of the future are here now, though they do not know it, just as the painters of cave art were there then, even though it had not been yet expressed.

Awaiting at the nexus of limitless travels, therein, the wheel is turned once again. The setting forth also sets forth its shadows of destruction, even law comes to cessation; and liberation is beyond even law. Such it is said to justice and law, let other-view go.

We thus come, we thus gone,the nexus of travel,is not; empty.beyond pure—limitless fish.

Inseparable from created,Inseparable from creator,Far beyond unity,Far beyond separation,this is love,this is wisdom.

The seven enlightenment factors as friends, awaiting at the nexus of limitless permutations of being[s]. The whole of the holy life.

Though the paths are wide,the gate is narrow.

Good luck.