SRE Packing Problem Model Attribution Relativistic Mechanics

wisdom rakes the coals

now what is interesting is that there are recall benefits to organizing memories around self-concept. this is called the “self-reference effect” (SRE)

however, current research is investigating alternative organizational structures of memory beyond SRE effects.

iit is hypothesized that there are alternative organizational structures with less side-effects of asocial behaviors of self-concept organization.

yet this research will most likely be isolated to certain organizations of social regulation


some cultures organize memories around groups (i.e., collectivism [i.e., we-view])

herein it is proposed that density of morpheme iconography in ideographic languages, sign in symbolic languages, and index in assemblies of these corresponding with lesser “degrees of freedom” in variation to sides of distributions aimed straight at phenomena, will lead to relative accelerations to acculturation of highly beneficial language domains evidenced by [redacted]

that basically means, oral transmission will outstrip written.

iand oral transmission is usually a pidgin of it’s contextual 

this pidgin modifies sign through nuanced alteration via emotive accent which helps index a running saliency distribution of morphemes subject to habituation and filtering etc.

basically cognitively structuring echoes of objects attended to jointly.

for the purpose of…

enter the noble search

ichi go ichi eh.


its contextual Chomskian E-language

mediated by localized flows of Chomskian I-language through interactionist propagation of shares of voice as constrained in probability hits to misses (dimension of spatial attentive relative saliency [mechanics])