Early Uchi-Deshi Training

When first entering the dojo, the following median distribution of training had been adhered to. Upon waking, the covers would be removed neatly and folded into arranged areas and I would water the gardens or partake in 7 AM class. These gardens consisted of the front and rear gardens. In observation, the gardens were pretty well saturated, the soils had been cooler, so the water had more time to traverse the boundaries of a bimodal distribution of evaporative and distillative conditions ([more math [it’s where integration and differentiation of 0 becomes defined by a [{red}[<-shift|]{red}acted[>]]]here]AB)’ [AB PRIME]. The symbol and the concept arrives together, not separate. If the symbol arrives separately, that means…

This is called a tilting operation.

Type / to choose a block.

Type / to cho[o]se a block.


And to continue.

Value Perception

Neurocorrelates of Value [Saliency]

Where value is a reverse reflected [decendant] optimized.

Where <a|de><c|t>endency.

Organization by etymological trace[e.g., memory trace blooms, implosions, dissipations; see velocity]

It’s not in the pieces lost or gained (this is public key).

It’s in the p<ea|ie>ce movements.

roy æ hodges