Left on the Doorsteps

a letter left on the doorsteps of http://blog.shin-ibs.edu/is-buddhism-in-the-west-cultural-appropriation/. 

Solve suffering; characterization is becoming (bhava), uncharacterization is wisdom. What kamma was planted, and what conditions did it meet up with to arrive in a world described here? So too, in wisdom, one brings all onto the path. These fruits of kamma, now vipaka, are beyond cultural, beyond national, beyond herd, beyond stereotype, beyond we-view, beyond self-view, beyond they-view, beyond other-view, beyond essence-view, beyond eternal-view, beyond nihilistic-view.

Just so, unowned, claiming ownership is just this vipaka, wind blowing smoke on the breeze, obscuring the phenomena as it is. Caught up in a thicket of views, “mine”, “theirs”, “ours”, “theirs”, slicing up beings into minorities and majorities, metering out experiences, yet what kamma was planted to see this division of thickets, still dense, still stuck in the mire of the mud of samsara, unable to grow the lotus, having gone beyond? Just this illuminated, like the great sky, bearing down, without a thicket of views obscuring, the roots cut, severed, the sky clear… the stem upright, ardent, as a flame, illuminating, budding forth, producing the sweet nectar, bursting in the display of radiant mind.

The bees, landing, propagating, carrying, from culture to culture, bodhisattvas carrying the vajra and dorje, cutting the way, as diamond and asking one question to thee…

The heritage is just this kamma, and the inheritence is just this vipaka, and any obstruction to this, is ignorance.